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Be aware, Shop Fair - by John Douglas

11 Jul 2013

The trade union principle of an injury to one is an injury to all is as valid today as it was during the 1913 Lockout.  Workers’ solidarity is the glue which bonds the trade union movement together into a force for change.  

In 1913 the struggle was for the right to join and be represented by a union; rights which the employers of the day saw as such a threat to their elite positions, that they locked out tens of thousands of workers from their jobs.

In 2013 there are still major employers in Ireland who deny their workers these basic human rights – they too have locked out their workers through fear and intimidation.

Mandate’s Fair Shop campaign sets out to identify those major retail employers in Ireland who respect the rights of their workers to join a union and collectively bargain.  We ask you, our trade union family to show solidarity with these fair shops by spending your union wage where workers count.

Together we can make a difference, Think Union, Think Fair Shop.

For more information about Fair Shop contact info@fairshop.ie